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How to Setup and Install Lumifice Illuminate LED Light Strips

Lumifice LED light strips are super easy to set up and install in your home. Follow these few easy steps and you'll be up and running in no time!

Before starting, make sure the lights are unplugged.

1. Connect the Power Adapter to the LED Light Controller.
2. Connect the LED Light Controller to the LED Light strips, making sure to align the arrows. Note: If you have a 25 foot kit, you will have 1 roll of LED Light strips. 3. If you have a 50 foot kit (pictured below), you will have 2 rolls of light strips.
Remove the small plastic strip sticking out of the bottom of the remote to activate the batteries
4. Scan the QR code on the LED Light Controller to download the app or go here: Download the app
    Now you're all set to install the lights! 
    Below are step-by-step instructions on how to prep and install the lights.

    1. Dry and Clean The Install Surface

    The light strips backing is a 3M double sided tape that will stick best on clean, smooth surfaces. Wipe the areas you will be sticking the light strips with a damp cloth to clean off any dirt. 

    install led strip lights

    2. Unroll the strip light, cut at the cut markings if needed.

    Fully unroll your light strips and lay them out where you are planning to install them. Optional: Cut the light strips ONLY at the indicated cut marks if you need to shorten them.

    Peel the adhesive tape on the back of the lights and stick it on the surface. Ensure that it is firmly adhered and has no air bubbles. 

    cut led light strip

    3. Stick light strip to the surface

    Now you can tear the 3M self-adhesive and paste it to the surface.

    stick led strip lights

    4. Plug Lights In and Set The Mood

    Last step is to plug the light power adapter in to the wall and power them up using the power button on the remote. 
    That's it! Now you can start setting the color and mood of your room!

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